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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lesson #85 (Jazz 08/26/12): F Major Scale 2 Octaves

Doing the workshop and camp, made feel more confident about trying to do jazz again, so Clayton and I set some goals for this semester. He recommended that I learn as many scales first before proceeding with the Jazz stuff.

I won't blog a lot of details about my jazz session since Clayton is writing his paper, and he doesn't know I have a blog yet. I'll have to tell him about my blog during our next lesson to see what I can and can't post on my blog. In the mean time, I'll just list my assignments:

F Major 2 Octaves

  • Clayton recommended that I learn as many scales first, so I told him I know Cmaj (2 octaves), Dmaj (1 octave) and had just started learning Gmaj in two octaves with Adam. I think we also did E major or E minor at the camp, but I don't remember how to do that. So Clayton had me start learning the F Major scale in two octaves

Bowing arm
  • We also worked on bowing technique and making sure that I'm not pushing down to get a more open sound with my cello
  • Assignment: "Bow Releases" 

Articulation Exercises
  • Using Hammer-Ons & Pluck-offs (with and without the bow)
  • Cossmann: 
    • 1434
    • 1424
    • 1323
    • 1234
    • 4321
  • Trill: 
    • 1,2
    • 1,3
    • 1,4
    • 2,3
    • 2,4
    • 3,4

I also asked that we work on ensemble pieces that we'll be playing in my cello group. We'll be doing a holiday recital and I'll need help working on ensemble skills - so we'll also be practicing on that as well. 

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