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Beginner Adult Cello Camps

Updated 1/17/2014

After a year of playing cello, I decided I wanted to attend a "music camp," which I've never attended before, since I have no previous music experience. I did some research and decided on attending a couple of camps during this summer. Specifically camps for adult beginner cellists and I thought it would be helpful to list some of the websites I've come across. I'll make sure to take pictures and blog about each workshop I attend! :).

Picks for 2014:
Blog entry (1/17/14) It's the beginning of the year and I need to start planning and saving for my next summer workshop. It will be difficult this year to attend a workshop since my husband will be graduating and we may be moving during the summer, but we'll see. I really enjoyed CelloSpeak last year and would like to attend again this year, but I'm not sure I can afford it this year - although I really should try to attend a different workshop this year.


Workshops to consider for next year:

  • CelloSpeak (Pennsylvania) - Only cellists, all ages & abilities
    • Week 1 July 28 - August 3
    • Week 2 August 4 - August 10
  • Summer Keys Cello Workshop (Maine) - various weeks June - August; only adult cellists, varying abilities 
  • National Cello Institute (Pamona, California) - June 22-28, 2014; only cellists, all ages & abilities 
  • Summer Trios (New York) - adults only, trios to quintets
    • June 4-8, 2014 
    • June 8-15, 2014
  • SCOR String Camp (various) - various sessions, mixed ensemble
  • Navarro String Camp (California) - Adult cellists and all levels
    • Winter Session (sold out!) - March 21 - 24, 2014 
    • Summer Session - August 11 - 15, 2014
  • Heartland Chamber Music (Kansas) - July 17-20, 2014, amateur adult musicians


Attended Summer (2012):
Blog links listed for each day.

Attended Summer (2013):
Blog links listed for each day.


  1. Just got back from Cellospeak. It was a blast. Lots of interesting people with varied backgrounds and abilities. I attended the Skill Builder session (one of two week long sessions at Bryn Mawr College). It was my first 'camp' and really learned and shared alot

  2. May I suggest a new camp for cellists over 18? Near Vancouver Island, BC: Cello Zen. July 20-26, 2013. Cheers to all cellists!