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Monday, August 20, 2012

Lesson #83 (08/20/12): G Major Scales

One of the things that I've noticed was that my intonation has really gone out the window since I've started shifting and trying to learn/cram a bunch of repertoire in a short period.

Before this summer, I would typically learn only one piece of repertoire in approximately 2 months, but the last 2-3 months I must have played/learned 13 pieces (3 for the Denver workshop, 3 for the camp and about 7 for a cello group I'm playing with).

So now we're going back to drilling down to technique, intonation and bowing - which I'm extremely happy to be doing! A definite relief to go back to technique - I LOVE working on technique, it's just so calming...

G Major Scale (2 octaves)
  • My first time learning the G Major in 2 octaves! Now I'll know two 2-octave scales: C Major and G Major! Yaay! :D
  • Adam instructed that I do really slow bowing using two clicks, so I'll eventually be able to do 16th notes on one bow. I actually find it easier to do slower bows than fast bows though, but for slow bowing, I'm to focus on consistency of sound and intonation 
  • We started on shifting (which I've been doing a little bit with Clayton), but now I've "officially" started learning how to shift. Lol! 

Long Long Ago
  • My main issue again was my bow angles! I started pushing the bow too far out again and not bringing the bow back around in a curve.  I wanted to get this recorded by the end of August so we reviewed this piece again.

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