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Helpful Websites

Updated 2/01/2014

I've come across some helpful websites that I've used and thought I would post these since I can easily refer back to this page instead of trying to remember the many different websites. I'll update this as I come across more helpful links and websites.

A lot of these have been very helpful, and some are just well-known, so I thought I would list those too.

Papers on learning cello as an adult beginner:

Cello Exercise Books:
  • Cassia Harvey: A variety of exercises and etudes! 
  • Rick Mooney: Position Pieces 1 & 2, Position Pieces for Thumb 1 & 2, Double Stops

YouTube channels for learning how to play cello:

Cello Websites:

Cello & Chocolate

Cello Forums:

How to Practice Websites:

Music Sheets:

Only cello music: 
Has cello music only and other instruments: 

Cello Strings

Ear Training:
I've tried Train Ear, Ear Master and Perfect Pitch. Unfortunately, I haven't used any of the programs consistently enough!

Rhythm / Sightreading

Practice Log

Basic Music Theory

Cello Societies