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Friday, August 17, 2012

NSC Day 5 (08/17/12): Last day & large ensemble performance

I was a little worried about getting back home since I was flying standby and they kept messing up  my reservations. It's always more difficult to fly back into Denver, especially since Denver is a major hub for international flights and cross-country flights. I packed and organized some of my stuff the night before but still had a lot of packing to do.


7:30 -8:30 Breakfast
Before heading for breakfast we had to pack up our things by 9 AM so the camp's staff could start cleaning out the cabins, so I had to store my luggage in my roommate's car. Another reason I'm driving next year too, it's just so much easier having a car around! 

Dirty laundry! Sheets and towels in the pillowcases.

9:15-10:30 AM Large Ensembles
We concentrated on dynamics some more (I really enjoy working on dynamics!), and Abigail recommended that we hold back our energy for the performance. Although I wanted to go all out, I held back a bit which felt a little weird to me. 

11 AM Concert: Large Ensembles
I thought our group ensemble went fairly well, and I really enjoyed playing this piece, although I messed up in a couple of parts and during a quieter section of the piece I could hear my hands trembling again! Which I thought was kind of odd that it occurred in the large ensemble piece and not during the quartet performance.

One of the campers came up to me and complimented me on my playing and said they really enjoyed watching me play because it looked like I was really feeling the music - I was just me moving around more than I should again! ...oops!

Anyway, I don't take compliments very well, for some reason compliments just remind me of things that I should be doing but I'm not; and therefore, I never feel that I deserve the given compliment! I know, I have a strange sense of logic.
My apologies to the campers and instructors who were being so wonderfully supportive, caring and friendly - if I seemed to have blown you off it's because I become flustered, self-conscious and embarrassed when I receive a compliment! I know, I'm weird!

My husband is right - I really need to learn how to take a compliment! :(. I always feel so bad afterwards because I never know how to respond and it always ends up with me pretending not to hear their compliment or something, so it feels like I'm blowing people off. *sigh* to anyone who reads my blogs, in person please don't give me a compliment! It'll avoid a lot of unnecessary awkwardness on both parts! Lol! ;). ...seriously though, don't... not that I get very many compliments or anything, but you know what I mean!

12:45 PM Lunch
I was happy to learn that lunch was being served early, otherwise I would have had to wait until I got to the airport which was 3-4 hours away. They had some items to prepare sandwiches with a lot of meat, so I just had some cheese and fruit, and some brownies.

One of the campers offered me a lift to the shuttle location since it was on her way to Berkeley where she lived, which I was really thankful for because the cab ride was more than $60 plus tip just to get to the shuttle pickup.
As we were walking to the car we discovered an inconspicuous sign hidden between two tall trees. At first we thought it said '1061' because we were walking on the other side of the trees, but we realized that it read '1901' the year the camp, St. Dorothy's Rest, was established - 111 years! What a great discovery during our departure from the camp! 

The year St. Dorothy's Rest was established.

2:00 PM Shuttle 
We arrived at the shuttle pickup with 15 minutes to spare. This time the bus was empty with only two other people besides myself on the bus so I was able to put my cello by the window. I think the last time I was unable to place the cello by the window seat because the person sitting in front of the cello had his chair reclined. It was definitely more comfortable sitting by the aisle! 

My cello riding on the bus. Lol!
During camp, Eliza had commented that my case looked like a beetle and started saying, "beetle juice, beetle juice, beetle juice!" every time I walked by with my case! Lol! ;).
I thought all beetles were pretty much in shades of brown or black, so I Goggled it when I got home, and now I'm going to think of a huge beetle every time I see my case. ..eeewww...gross...!

I can imagine a huge bird spotting my case, and swooping down to carry it off with me still attached to it by the straps! Lol! ;).

...eeewww, bug !! I do see the resemblance though... time for a new case??  j/k

4:00 PM Airport
I arrived at the airport around 4:00ish and as usual they couldn't find me in the system so I had to wait in another line to get it sorted out. My flight was schedule for 6:26 PM so I had a lot of time left to reflect about the camp. 

I have to take my hat off to Marion and Marcia for cultivating a very supportive and friendly environment. The leadership of these two wonderful caring cellists, and their focus on creating a nurturing environment has truly made this a friendly, inviting and supportive camp!

I was hesitant about describing what we worked on for each of the classes or the camp in general, but then I thought everyone would learn and leave with different experiences, and classes are never taught the same way twice. To keep the openness and nurturing environment in tact, I avoided listing camper's real name (except for the teachers since its part of their profession anyway) and avoided personal conversations that I had with campers and just focused on my experiences.

This was just a wonderful camp, one that I thoroughly enjoyed! Ha - now I can say, "this one time, at string camp..." Lol! =p

Group photo!!
Where's Waldo?? Such a dork... ;) 
Note to self - don't wear glasses in photos!
NSC August 2012
(Photo Credit:

Attending my first workshop and camp this summer I feel that I've gotten more confident in playing with others and really look forward to playing with others more!

The two events definitely had a different feel to them and I would recommend both of them - pretty much a workshop versus a camp/retreat experience. Workshops tend to focus on cramming as much information into you as possible (so it's a little stressful), whereas I think camps are generally geared to have fun and more relaxing, so:
  • Rocky Mountain Cello Fest challenged me and I feel like it pushed me to the next level. I think there were only nine adults and the level was higher since it was mostly kids who had been playing since they were really young and even a few that had completed the Suzuki method! Wow! I had to work my ass of to be able to play the pieces, but it was highly satisfying to be able to play them when I didn't think I would be able to (although I tried to play the pieces a few weeks after the workshop and couldn't!). After the workshop, I had to take a a long break, and it was very difficult for me to start practicing again. 
  • Navarro String Camp was nurturing and relaxing, and more like a retreat-like atmosphere. It was extremely energizing and it made me want to play with people even more! And it was my first time staying at a camp ground so that was especially fun.

I would definitely recommend both events!

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