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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Practice Log #16: Book 2 Long Long Ago and Variation (after 85 )

Wow, it's been a little over 2 months since I posted my last video! :(
It's been a busy summer - with the cello workshop and camp, and also organizing a cello group. 

So here's my Long Long Ago, which I pretty much gave up on. I really wish I had recorded it when I thought I had it!! It sounded so lovely back then.... Trying to re-learn something to get it back the way it used to be is beyond frustrating, the things I thought I fixed are back in full force and it just doesn't sound right any more. I can't focus on this piece any more so I need to move on. 

I also have a drone on in the background. I recorded myself playing a C on the G string and looped it for five minutes. I've found it's easier to hear if it's my own cello and its in the same octave. The electronic tuner is just really hard for me to hear because its electronic and is higher. It a good exercise to get a smooth legato stroke too. 

Things to work on:  
  • Tempo: this is definitely on the slow side again and should be a LOT faster 
  • Rhythm: I can hear myself slow down and speed up in certain sections 
  • Intonation: my fourth finger - flatty, flat, flat!! Darn you fourth finger! And first finger E. 
  • My bows is sliding all over the place again and I was using the rests to re-position my hand, I think I should be less obvious doing that... 
  • A positive: I was working on dynamics and I think I was able to go much quieter in the sections I'm supposed to

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