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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cello Practice Log #3: One step forward, two steps back

Ugh... not so good practice today...I almost didn't do the recordings because everything is looking awful. It seems the day right after a lesson everything feels good and sounds good, and then the following days everything falls apart and than it gets back on track right before another lesson! Well, at least that's what the logs are showing so far.

Maybe because after a lesson the information is fresh in my mind. Then as I try to implement something new after a few days it messes everything up because I don't remember quite how to do it! Then it finally sinks in a few days later.

I was having issues with the sound on my laptop from my previous recording, so I decided to use my iphone to record these videos instead. I stuck it in a pencil holder which seems to work pretty well!

Working on French Folk Song:

Okay, I didn't realize that I purse my lips when I concentrate...ugh...dork... :)

I started this 3 days ago and worked on it for 20 minutes each day for a total of 1 hour so far. I've managed to memorize it, but it doesn't sound good yet and I think I increased the tempo towards the end. The first section is looking off the book, and the second section is from memory.

Working on Lightly Row:

What's the deal with my head moving around so much! It totally reminds me of a turtle poking its head out!!

This one I don't have memorized very well. This was assigned on Wednesday, but I didn't get a chance to start working on this until Friday. So I've only worked on this piece for a couple days for a total of 40 minutes. I kind of have it memorized, but this one definitely is a work in progress. Same deal - the first section is looking off the book, and the second section is from memory.

Need to work on:

1) Making sure my bow points downward. Darn bow....
I obviously don't have this in muscle memory yet because when I have to focus on something else it drifts upwards. It definitely feels like one step forward, two steps back.

2) Louder, louder, louder! Weight of arm, weight of arm, weight of arm... lower elbow, lower elbow, lower elbow...

3) I still look kind of stiff and tense... especially in my hand. I think I'm gripping it tighter than normal.

Below is my Practice Log:

I really enjoy the technique book I'm working on, Finger Exercises for the Cello by Cassia Harvey. I'm still on Exercise 1, but its definitely made a HUGE difference just doing that one exercise. I purchased a few more books by Cassia Harvey and would like to incorporate it into my practice sessions, but I'm already at two hours! Maybe I can rotate them in some how....

Its ironic - now that I'm off Twinkle and doing two pieces, I want to work on more technique! I wish I could have started the technique and method books MUCH earlier because its definitely making a difference and I really enjoy practicing those.

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