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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My New Cello Project: The 99 Most Essential Cello Masterpieces

I love all things cello!! :)

I've been listening to The 99 Most Essential Cello Masterpieces to get familiar with cello pieces since I'm new to listening to cello music and classical music in general. And I thought, "what better way to learn about each piece than to do a little research on each one and post a blog of what I've learned!"

Yes, I seem to have a lot of time on my hands! :)
My husband and I both work full time and I'm taking the summer off from school, but he's plugging away on his doctorate thesis - so I've been having some extra time on my hands.

My goal is to do a little bit of research on each piece by looking into the composer, history, and any other relevant information I may stumble across and post it on a blog. I thought I would post it in this blog, but I already post so many entries that I think that it would "clutter it up."

Why is it important to understand the history of each piece? 

In David Finckel's Talk #96: Knowledge he posts: "Musical knowledge certainly encompasses instrumental technique and the music itself, but knowledge of history, cultures, styles, composers' lives and related subjects is just as important, if not in some cases more so."

In his insightful YouTube video below, he explains the importance of knowing the music being played:

These talks are AWESOME!! I've watched every single one! A lot of it is still over my head, but I think if I need additional help/resource I'll know which video to watch.

My new blog project: Cello-Brained: The 99 Most Essential Cello Masterpieces Music Project.

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