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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Naming my cello

I think it's time to start thinking about names for my cello!

It took me a while to get attached to this cello. It definitely sounds a lot better than my first laminate wood cello, but I “liked” her and got attached to her faster. I felt kind of bad trading up that cello for the one I have now...

My previous cello I named "Cellito" - my little cello! She was very quiet, and a bit timid, but very sweet and patient because she was my first cello. :)

However, its only been recently that I’ve gotten really fond of my cello, and I've had him for 3 months now. So I think I need to come up with a name for him!

He's definitely a male because he’s very loud, deep and strong. He has a pretty bad wolf though, which doesn't seem to want to be tamed! The name Cellito definitely doesn't fit this cello. I think he would be offended if I named him that! 

Yeah, I know - I'm strange...

I was thinking of the names:

1) Vincent
2) Marcello
3) Vincent Marcello - combine the two! :)
4) Vincenzo or Vincenzio
5) Renato - something a little different than the others

I'm going to have to test it out and see which one fits more. What do you think cello?

Yo-Yo Ma named his cello Petunia. That name is sooo CUTE!
But my cello would hate it...

How Petunia was named:
"During one of his classes for younger children, one little girl asked him what his cello's name was and he replied that it didn't have a name. He invited her to name it for him and she chose "Petunia" for it. Ever since the 1733 Montagnana cello he brought to Huntsville has been called "Petunia."

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