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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"It's the journey, not the destination" - so hurry up and start already!

My husband once quoted, "it's the journey, not the destination."

If that's the case, than I compare learning the basic bowhold and learning the correct left hand for 1st position to: doing the laundry so I have clothes to wear for the trip, or cleaning the house before leaving (I like returning to a clean house, it makes things a lot less stressful), making sure the bills are paid or packing my suitcase for the trip. All the boring, tedious tasks that are extremely important, but not necessarily what brings the fun and excitement; the x-factor that makes me want to return to the destination over and over again!

This is the reason I want to get proficient in cello basics as quickly as possible: so I can get to the part where I can play how I want, so I can concentrate on the sound and energy that is coming from my cello. I think this is where the real journey begins! This is where the interpretation, discovery and emotion come into play! This is the ultimate journey!!!

The destination? When I can play a piece how I envision it to be! When I know that I played it the best that I could ever play it, and afterward, the feeling of great satifisfaction, peace and fullfillment ...ahhhhh...

How did I come to this conclusion if I've never played an instrument before?

I was given the same quote when I first started dancing, "it's not the journey, it's the destination. Slow down and enjoy learning the basics!"

Well, I told that person in the beginning and still have the same thought, "that's a bunch of bull-doodoo and I want to get to the fun stuff now (faster)!" And boy, was I right! Not until I learned my dance basics and became proficient at it did things get to be fun and interesting.

What's even more fun? Knowing the rules well enough that I could break it! :) This does not happen often and only when I'm "playing around," but I've found these are the rare times when it's the most enjoyable and most musical! Of course, that's years into my cello future, but something I look forward to in my journey!

I'm aware that there is a LOT more technique to learn after the basics and learning basics is a lifelong commitment. I get it - really, I do! I'm still working on my 8-step basic (step-step, triple-step) and connection after years of practice, and it's still changing and adapting.

I'm just really impatient for my cello journey to begin...
I want to start playing the Bach Suites, Le Carnaval Des Animaux (the Swan), Dovark Concertos and Kol Nidrei - beautifully enchanting pieces that are waaaayyyy out of my skill level!

I know - very lofty goals! So I'd better get to it, right? ;)

This is the reason why I'm so focused on getting my basics down and trying to find the most efficient, and best technique and method books out there. And I think I've found them.... I'll post that in my next blog!

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