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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Practice Log #16: Minuet No 2

I've been working on Long Long Ago in Book 2, and I think I may have killed Minuet No 2, so I thought I'd better post it before it becomes another Twinkle! I think it's gotten worse over the past few weeks instead of better, which is another reason I think I'd better put it to rest.

So, I've been neglecting my practicing and haven't been practicing daily, but from today forward - until August 13th when I go on my first Chamber Summer Camp (yaaay!!),  I will be practicing DAILY! Really, I swear!!...hopefully... ;).

Lots of issues in this one! I'm just getting worse and worse on this piece...I guess that's my own fault since I haven't been practicing consistently. :(.

Things to work on:
  • Intonation - a few flat spots that were very noticeable!
  • Slurs - my slurs weren't very consistent in rhythm 
  • Tempo - this should be a little faster. I also started at a slower tempo and sped up!
  • Tone - still a little harsh to my ears! I want it to be rich and resonant, but smooth and soft at the same time...if that makes any sense! :).
  • Repeats - I hate doing repeats!! I really should force myself to start recording the whole piece. Okay, going on my goal list - from now on I need to record the entire piece including repeats... ugh..
On a positive note, my bow isn't sliding around as much as usual. Ha - listed a positive item! :).

I've also started doing duets with one of Clayton's student's mother who is a pianist. We're both beginners so it works out perfectly! :). We're working on Greensleeves together, so I thought I would record that as well. This is my first attempt on playing a piece that requires some shifting to 3rd and 4th position!!! Scary!!

Things to work on:
  • I think my movement for my shifts is incorrect because it looks like I'm leading with my hand and not my arm...
  • Make shifts more seamless so it's not as obvious and less of a pause 
  • My bowing kind of went out the window (sliding all over the place) since I was focusing on the shifts! 
  • And of course intonation! HORRENDOUS!
  • So many things to work on with this piece I don't want to list it all...*sigh*
Pretty bad!!! :(. But at least, in a month or so I'll have something to compare it to! Not as practiced as the other piece either... Ouch! In all fairness, I haven't really been working on this piece, I was playing the part that only requires one shift, and I haven't been practicing as much since I've been dancing, traveling, organizing, building websites....yes - excuses, excuses!

I was seriously considering not posting this video since this was a complete disaster, but I thought it may be cool to post another video in a month to see the difference. Hopefully for the better!

I'm not sure what's up with my sleeve!! I think I scratched my arm or something and my sleeve just stuck up there!!! Jeez...what a mess...

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