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Friday, June 8, 2012

Lesson #72 (06/08/12): Long Long Ago (String Crossings & Dynamics)

I knew exactly what I wanted to work on during this lesson, string crossings and volume in Long Long Ago.

The dynamics for this piece go from medium soft, to forte to soft and then back to medium soft and my main problem was playing the dynamics without getting sloppy. I do fine when I'm playing forte and then piano, but going from piano to forte my bowing gets sloppy and I start hitting strings! Adam commented that this is very common for other players as well. 
He explained that when most beginners try to go from piano to forte, they exaggerate their movement too much which causes the sloppy string crossings, which is the case for me!

For now, what he recommended that I work on is gradually building volume, so instead of drastically going from quiet to loud, allow myself to go from quiet, to medium, to medium loud and then to forte.

He also recommended playing this very slowly to make sure that all my string crossings are clean and then increase the tempo.

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