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Monday, June 11, 2012

Lesson #73 (Jazz 06/11/12): Long Long Ago, Posture, Intonation

This was the last lesson before Clayton leaves for the summer for Boston - 6 whole weeks!
We didn't want to start anything new, so we just worked on a few existing pieces in Suzuki. Unfortunately, I was really tired and couldn't really concentrate during this lesson. I played very poorly during this lesson! :(.

Long Long Ago:
  • Volume
    • I'm still working on increasing my volume, but it's made my bowing more staccato than legato because I'm trying to grab the string too much, so we worked on smoothing this out a bit more.
  • Phrasing
    • Clayton recommended that I work on phrasing a little more and make the first few measures one long phrase. I tend to pause too long and not lead into the notes. 
  • Intonation 
    • We started building each note in Long Long Ago, listening for good tone and making sure that each note rings before moving on to the next note.
  • Tone
    • I really want to get that lovely resonant tone, so he recommended that I play each note until I hear the sound I like, play that repetitively to get it into my muscle memory, and then move on to the next note. Find the tone that I like for that note, and then add it on to the next note, being careful to make sure the tone that I like stays the same.
Releasing tension
  • Posture - we went over posture and sitting in the chair and releasing tension. I tend to flex my leg and move around too much, or flex my foot or something.

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