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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lesson #74 06/21/2012: Long Long Ago, Book 2

We went over Long Long Ago which went much better this time! :).

It's funny I used to hate playing in the little practice rooms, but now I'm starting to like it because my sound sounds SO much louder and richer in there! It's almost cheating though because the room is so small...

A lot of positive things going on during this lesson, especially with my bowing: more volume, richer tone, bow isn't all over the place and I was able to use my first finger to grab the string.

Now that I have my bowing better, Adam wants me to focus on the left hand more.

The main issue when I play Long Long Ago is my G on the D string, so Adam recommended that I float my hand across the strings to feel how my hand feels during string crossings. He also said don't "jump" my hand across since I seem to do that fairly well and don't need to work on that. For this exercise slide my fingers across, and specifically for this exercise, it's okay for my fingers to get smashed and not stay rounded.

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