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Thursday, June 28, 2012

New cello music...uh-oh...

Lately I've been feeling that I've been making some strides in my cello practice; first, I think my bow hold is coming along and my volume is getting up there - my neighbor actually pounded on the wall a couple of nights ago! First time that's happened since I started playing cello. Although it was only 10:30pm (...come on, really?!), so I think my volume has definitely improved and I can feel that my cello can get much louder too. Sorry neighbors! =p.

Secondly, I've been playing duets with a beginner pianist, which has been really fun because we would start off really slow, and take it section by section, piecing together the music, and suddenly (I don't know how it happens) but we both "magically" hear how the music fits together!! It really has been interesting to hear the progression. Awesomeness... :D

Today, feeling a little over confident about my playing, I received sheet music for my first cello workshop that I'll be attending in July. I took one look at the music and had a mini-freak out and started questioning how I filled out the form. I did fill out that I was a beginner, right? Yes... I did write down I was working on Long Long Ago? Yep... then why am I doing extensions and doing weird rhythms? Did they send the wrong music by mistake? ...uh-oh...

Okay time for my (lame) excuses.... so I've only finished Book 1, and am comfortable with first position only. Granted there is a one note shift to second position in Minuet No. 2 and with Greensleeves I really have just been half-assing ('scuse my language) doing shifts (sorry, Clayton!). And my extensions - not very good. I HATE extensions, I'd rather shift than do an extension... seriously!

So the music I'll be playing (yes, I'm sure it's easy for everyone else):

Bach - Musette from Anna Magdalena Notebook (cello trio)
Upon further inspection, I think this won't be too bad. I just freak out when I see more eighth notes than half or quarter notes. Told you - I'm a newb! =p

Kibbe - Chant and Fugue for three cellos
Okay, this piece...OMG, not sure I can do this one. I freak out when I see a lot of eighth notes, this has a bunch sixteenth notes and a bunch of slurs. ...uummmm - heart attack?

Senallie - Allegro Spiritoso 
After seeing how many sixteenth notes are in Chant & Fugue the small section in this piece looks manageable. Both Kibbe and Senallie have C#, so the dreaded extensions for me... blah...

These pieces will definitely be a challenge for me! I was thinking this workshop would be a walk in the park because its mostly for kids, but I thought I'd try it anyway because I enjoy playing with other cellists... I guess it won't be a walk in the park after all!
What...I have to WORK on stuff to have FUN?? I forgot about that...LOL! ;)

I was planning on working on Suzuki Book 2 this summer and get some videos recorded, but I think I'll have to put that on hold until the end of the summer. I'll try to record Long Long Ago in the next few days and then start working on these pieces ASAP!! Less than three weeks away!

I guess it's better to have music that is above my level so I can improve during the workshop. I'd better just suck it up and start practicing! No wonder the instructions say "please take this to your private teacher!" Hopefully I don't hold anyone back in my assigned ensemble though. This should be an interesting next few weeks... ;).

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  1. Wow! Some awesome music you'll be playing! Enjoy the workshop , sure you'll do great :) Looking forward for videos!