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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lesson #96A (10/25/12): May Time & Gmaj

This was a really good lesson, but at the end of the lesson I realized I locked my keys in my car and had to call a company to unlock my car!! First time that's ever happened to me...

Ironically, the week before that, my two front tires went flat on my way to work - first time I had a flat tire too! I had to get to work so I had my hubby drop me off at work, left my spare key in the center console, and had my car towed to a tire shop. Long story longer, I forgot to put my spare key back which is why I had to pay over $90 to get my car unlocked. It was a weird few weeks... anyway, back to my cello  post...

Gmaj 2 octaves
  • We went over Gmaj since it had been about 3 weeks since our last lesson. This went fairly well, except I kept playing a F natural instead of an F sharp because I was practicing my other scales and was confusing the two scales. 
  • I've discovered that as long as I say the note in my head before I play it, I typically play it correctly and in tune (more or less), but if I don't think about it first, than I tend to miss it. 
  • It's really starting to become difficult to keep track of the notes and scales especially with all of the scales I've been learning. I'd better stick to a method and start practicing it more methodically! 
  • I decided that I would take the method of knowing the notes (instead of the fingerings) by visualizing where the note is on the fingerboard before playing it, which is really difficult to do! I tend to play a note without being consciously aware of the note and location of the note is on the fingerboard. 

May Time
  • This was a disaster and a half!! My intonation was all over the place, my bowing was all over the place and it sounded horrible! It's really strange that I was able to play it fairly well a few days ago and then all of sudden I can't! I'm trying to figure out what occurred between those times and what has caused my bad habit to return. 
  • String crossing - my weak point! I just don't get it... 

[Fall CE Lesson #2]

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