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Monday, October 15, 2012

Lesson #94C (10/15/12): Amaj scale

New Scale: A Major
Clayton asked if I wanted to learn a new scale and I happily agreed! I didn't get much progress with the Bb scale, but I was bored with the scale and a bit frustrated that my intonation was off, so I agreed that we should move on.

Clayton doesn't think I need to perfect each scale since I'm fairly secure with first position, and just wants me to become comfortable with moving around the fingerboard, learning notes and becoming familiar with the scales. He thinks that "advanced" concepts can be done by beginners and even teaches some of his beginner students thumb position to correct bad arm positions and to get over the fear of that position! Clayton mentioned since we'll be rotating through the scales, as I become more familiar with them we can really start drilling down and adding exercises, rhythms, slurs, etc. Fortunately, Adam has me focus on one scale at a time and drills down on each one so it's a perfect balance! :)

I was skeptical at first about Clayton's method, but I have to admit that I'm starting to like it and it definitely has benefits! I've tried memorizing the circle of fifths and how many sharps and flats each scale contains, but it's never sunk in before. Now that I'm learning it this way, it's definitely sinking in! And, although my intonation is off, I have to admit that I am getting more comfortable moving around the fingerboard.

A Major 
  • Amaj: 3 sharps - C#, F#, G#
    • Instead of fingering, I always try to remember notes... so he was a little surprised when I asked for the notes instead of the fingerings, i.e. how many sharps and flats there are in the scale. I think I'll have to start associating fingerings and notes from now on too.
  • 2 Extensions 
    • I think I'm getting used to extensions because I don't freak out as much and I'm hitting the mark more often. It's weird because I used to really dread doing extensions and avoid them as much as possible! Although I still rather shift than do extensions. 

We also worked on bowing concepts but I didn't write down any notes... oops!

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