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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lesson #93A (10/11/12): Gmaj, May Time & Minuet No. 1

GMaj Scale
  • Intonation - my intonation was off during the majority of the scale and Adam recommended that I move my elbow back because it was too far forward 

May Time
  • This was a bit of a disaster - I don't know what happened! Last time it went fairly well, so much so that Adam assigned the next piece. But this time I couldn't get any of the bowing or intonation correctly! Very frustrating! So we'll be covering this during the next lesson again. ...ugh...  should've recorded this when it still sounded good! 

Minuet No. 1
  • This one was a lot easier to play than May Time and I played it fairly well. Adam suggested that I stop the bow completely to make it sound more elegant.

[Fall CE Lesson #2]

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