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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lesson #95C (10/21/12): Amaj & Minuet No. 1

I haven't had a lot of time recently to practice cello which has been really frustrating! I miss my cello... ;(

We covered a few new things during this lesson:

Position Pieces
  • I finally got around to requesting that we play Position Pieces by Rick Mooney, which was highly recommended by two cello teachers at RCMF, Abigail's YouTube Channel and a bunch of other searches online! Clayton agreed that it looked good and he mentioned two of his other students were using Thumb Positions for cello, so he assigned the first etude to have ready for the next lesson. 

Amaj Scale
I know I keep whining about not having enough time, but I hadn't really practiced this scale so this was kind of a disaster so we worked on this for the majority of the time!
  • I was having some trouble shifting back to 3rd position and kept missing my mark. 

Minuet No. 1
  • Bowing - for the most part I sounded good, but my bowing was all over the place again! That is the one habit that consistently returns when I don't practice!

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