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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lesson #63 (4/27/12): Minuet No. 2

I arrived early for my lesson and was able to warm-up in one of the student practice rooms before my lesson, which was really nice because it helped me relax and get my fingering and bowing down. It always takes me at least 15-20 minutes of warming up before I can play the way I want to. 
I also discovered my sound was much louder from the last time I used one of the practice room, which had been a couple of months since most my lessons are now at my teacher's house, and I was pleasantly surprised that my sound didn't sound too bad! 

We worked on Minuet No. 2 which went fairly well, even though I didn't get to practice it much because I was swamped with end of semester assignments. I think I was just on a roll because everything was sounding fairly decent to me - although warming up definitely helped!

Anyway, we worked on using more bow and better timing, especially on slurs, but overall not too bad. After my lesson, my teacher sent me a message that I could start Book 2 if I wanted! Yaay!  :D. 
I'm not a complete newb any more - well, a semi-newb... half newb? Yaay! :). 

Although that means I need to record Minuet in C before moving on to Book 2. I don't like working on more than two pieces at a time, otherwise I can't really focus on each piece and everything just sounds too sloppy to me. 
Okay, so goals for this week: no starting on Book 2 until I get Minuet C recorded... ugh... if I record that on Wednesday, than that should give me a few days to work on Long, Long Ago in Book 2 before my lesson, that is if I don't procrastinate. hhmmm...I should really be practicing cello instead of catching up on my blog entries then... 

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  1. "..I should really be practicing cello instead of catching up on my blog entries then.." <--Oh no! Plz catching up on updating your blog LoL :D

    BTW, congratz on the green light to Book #2. Time sure flies huh? You're gonna enjoy the longer pieces in there! My favorite = Two Grenadiers and Gossec Gavotte. Hate = Handel's Bouree :D Just moved to Book#3 Lully's Gavotte but I am sure my level is way lower than that. I feel my teacher is rushing by skipping certain music in book#2 but he knows better I guess...

    Just hope both of us getting more time with our cellos :) This is definitely one of the time I hope there was 40 hours in a day - of which 16 hours I would spend on my cello! See ya!