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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lesson #62 (4/21/12): Play test on Minuet in C

I was taking an evening course at the college with Adam as the instructor, and for my cello final, I had to play Minuet in C.

I had a scheduling snafu and showed up early (and on the wrong day?), so I tried to get out there as quickly as possible so I wouldn't have to do the final right then and there (so I could have more time to practice), but unfortunately Adam just had me do the final since I was already there! ...darn...

We warmed on on C major, and I noticed my volume and location of my bow improved a bit, although I thought I sounded really scratchy and harsh. I had been focusing on playing closer to the bridge, which was driving me a bit nuts at times because I didn't like how it sounded, but it definitely forced me to pay attention to my bow and string connection and weight of my arm.

After the warm-up, I played Minuet in C once through and was done. Although he had said I could do it a few times, he thought the first run through was fine.

I forgot to take a video of me during the practice, so I'll have to record a video next weekend. I'm still not very happy with how this piece sounds, but I think I've become comfortable playing this so it's getting there. 

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