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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lesson #60 (04/15/2012): Extensions & Slurs

We went over extensions and slurs during this lesson.
Adam said it would be helpful to know that whenever I play in a flat key, there will be an extension, or if there are three sharps or flats there will always be an extension so I can prepare to do extensions.

I was having issues with my first finger when I was practicing scales as it was too flat. The culprit was that I was working on extensions and wasn't returning my first finger back to its correct position. He reminded me to remember the spacing between the 1st and 4th finger and to move them as a unit. Also, I was moving my elbow too far forward.

Exercise #1:

  • G => E flat 
    • Go back and forth between G & E flat using 1st and 4th finger
    • I could also hold the hand position there for a while and then release the position as soon as my  hand started to tense up or ache 
Exercise #2: 
  • Move first finger around while keeping the other fingers, including the thumb, stationary. Also the middle, ring and pinky should be touching while I move around my pointer finger. The idea is to make the first finger feel more independent from than the other fingers


  • I was having issues with slurs, as it wasn't very smooth. Adam suggested that I use a slower, heavier bow on the second note and not to use so much bow on the first note. 

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