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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lesson #52 (02/26/2012): Happy Farmer & Bridge

Lesson Notes: 

New Bridge for my Lombardi cello
  • I had a new bridge (Belgian instead of French) made for my Lombardi cello, which has made it even more beautiful sounding! I really love that cello! <3. 
  • There is just something about the quality of sound that I really like, even though it sounds better under my ear than far away. However, with the new bridge, the discrepancy of how it sounds under my ear versus when it's far away has lessened a lot. Also, the strings react much more quickly and it resonates a lot more too! Both my cellos now have a Belgian bridge. 
  • Adam had me test my cello, and had me sit farther away while he played it loudly and then played my cello while I sat close by. It definitely sounded a lot louder in my living room than his spacious basement, but I thought it sounded a lot more open and resonant. When I sat closer, the harsh "scratchy" sound was more noticeable, which apparently becomes less noticeable a few feet away from the cello, which he wanted me to hear, so that I would know that it was okay to hear the "scratchy" sound under my ear because it the audience wouldn't hear it.  

Happy Farmer 
  • I didn't play Happy Farmer that well during this lesson than when I had practiced at home, although my string crossings were more clean. I had it memorized this at home (I swear!) but for some reason was confusing the different sections during this lesson. Ugh - my brain... everything just went out the window when I played it during the lesson!  
  • My articulation for some sections weren't as strong as others, but I could have sworn I was playing it the same way! 
    • I recorded myself after my lesson and I definitely was not keeping the same sound! It's kind of weird when I think I'm doing something, but am doing the exact opposite! Lol! ;).  

Assignment for Happy Farmer:
  1. Work on memorizing this, i.e. learn them as have an A section, B section and C section, instead of an A & B section even though they are very similar. 
  2. Verbally say aloud which section I'm are in to really remind myself where I am.
  3. Even with the new bridge, I still need to have a good contact point and weight in the string.
  4. Remember to keep my bow hand pronated and not have the first finger too far on top of the stick.

Minuet in C
  • I played this for the first time one time, but didn't have time to review it during this lesson and will review during the next. But he mentioned that I needed to add more weight and volume, but sounded good so far. 

I had a midterm that week and was really busy, so I was behind on my posts again, but what else is new! However, every time I don't post or at least jot it down and leave it in my drafts, I feel like I loose a lot of the information and the concepts just don't sink in like they normally do. So the next few weeks, I'm going to really try and jot down and post my blogs sooner than later. 

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