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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lesson #48 (Jazz #9 02/12/2012): Repertoire (Q&A & Back to School Blues)

We went over the previous repertore, which went really well! Yaay! :). So we started on the next piece Back to School Blues which is a lot harder.

Question & Answer: 
  • This went really well, my intonation was better and so was my timing, since it finally clicked for me on how to count, bow and do my left hand at the same time for this specific piece! Now I just need to increase my tempo!
  • For jazz pieces, it's really important to have the correct rhythm, more so than classical music, so Clayton recommended that I start practicing with a metronome from now on for jazz pieces until I can really internalize the different rhythms. Did I mention I am really horrible at rhythm?! Really, really, really bad...I would say out of all of the things I've learned and am working on so far, rhythm has got to be the hardest by far

Back to School Blues:
  • This piece is 4/4, but Clayton would like to do it as a triplet instead. I think he said triplets sound more like a "round." He also mentioned that it would be a good comparison to know and feel how a 4/4 and 3/4 rhythm feels like, which I can compare to the previous piece. 
  • I should apply the different rhythms to my scale practice again and to also break down the the long slurs:
    • Work on fingering without the bow
    • Work on bow without fingering
  • Also, when going from E on the D string to A on the G string, I need to make sure that my first finger comes straight across (I was dipping my first finger or something). I should also initiate my finger moving to the next string before my bow crosses over. 
  • This is a hard piece. I haven't had to do slurs yet in Suzuki, sort of, since we started Happy Farmer, but they're only two note slurs.

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