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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lesson #49 (02/19/2012): Etude & Happy Farmer

My year goal is coming up on the 23rd so I want to record the last pieces of Suzuki, although they're no where close to being polished or ready for recording, but I figure if I can "kind of" play them I've reached my goal! :). So the last Suzuki pieces I'm going to post will be kind of bad... I'll have to re-post them once I get them more polished.

Also, I convinced my co-worker to do duets with me. I figure I need practice playing with other people.

Lesson notes: 

  • I was having lots of trouble getting the correct bow angles for this piece, so I had started memorizing this piece so I can watch my bow angles. Unfortunately, this is a harder piece to memorize because the notes and finger patterns are fairly similar, so we went over different ways to memorize pieces. 
  • Singles:
    • Better sound since I was in the process of memorizing the piece so I can view my bow angles. 
  • Doubles:
    • This was still kind of a disaster, I think I'm not comfortable with the bowing just yet and I didn't have it fully memorized. 

Happy Farmer: 
  • I actually have this piece down, but for some reason I played this really poorly. I guess, I didn't know it as well as I thought I did! 
  • For this piece, Adam would like me to memorize the piece so I can focus on my string crossings and really knowing the piece since memorizing Etude really helped me get a better sound since I could watch my bow angles. 

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