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Monday, February 6, 2012

Lesson #44 (1/29/12): Review/correction of Etude & start Happy Farmer

Lesson notes:

  • C String 
    • From last week's lesson, my C string was really quiet, so I've been working on getting it to be really loud, now it's too loud! And I'm adding accents to the bow changes because I'm trying to dig in more before changing directions, but this should be more legato-like and have the same volume throughout my bowing. 
    • My teacher recommended to try and rotate my cello to the left to get better access to the C string since I keep hitting the G string. 
  • Intonation
    • My intonation was off, so my teacher recommended that I practice playing E on the D string, and C on the G string and get that into my muscle memory, i.e. to remember the distance between my the spacing between my fingers. 
  • Bow placement
    • Work on bowing closer to the bridge to get a nice crisp sound, but bowing with doubles I should move closer to the fingerboard. 

Happy Farmer
  • I was able to play this at home, but for some reason I wasn't able to play this very well during the lesson and only got up to two measures. I'll have to work on this some more and get comfortable with it so I can play it during my lesson. 

My assignment for next week:
  1. Scales: with even big tone, 2 beat per note, 1 note per bow, and clean and clear string crossings.
  2. Etude: steady with a controlled bow closer to the bridge and  have doubles ready for review next week.
  3. If I have time look at Happy Farmer, and try to get that a bit more polished.

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