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Saturday, January 4, 2014

After concert wrap-up

The concerts are finally over and I can relax and focus on some personal cello learning! YEESS!!! This year I decided to play the same parts (Cello 4) because I really love playing the lower part and playing pizzicato, which Part 4 had a lot of. Anyway, a lot of the music was the same for me, but I still find it more difficult to re-learn pieces then to learn new music. It's extremely difficult to break old habits (for me)!

After event wrap-ups always seem to be such a chore since the excitement of the tasks leading up to the concert performance is what I think is most exciting. The stuff afterwards, not so much! I was planning to become a coach potato during my holiday vacation, but I don't think that's going to happen... I still need to go through the videos and photos and post them, put away the lights and decorations, send Thank You notes, update budget sheets, etc.

I'm really proud of all of our cellists who stepped up and led their sections. Last year, we had 4 professional cellists help out each section. This year, we didn't have any professional cellists helping us out, only beginners to advanced cellists. It's always so interesting to hear/see how music develops when a new group of cellists perform the same music! :)

I had hoped that we could attempt to do a conductor-less performance, but we weren't quite there this year, maybe next year (fingers crossed!). Also, last year Clayton did all of the announcements, and this year I did the introductions for the 2nd performance. Note to self: I seriously need to stop saying "ummm" all the time!!

My favorite songs were the Sing-alongs, but last year they were my least favorite, so next year I think I may have to make those arrangements longer (some of the verses weren't included) since that's what the audience enjoyed the most.

Deck the Halls
I totally screwed up the introduction to Deck the Halls, so I cropped out the first measure... oops! 
Me and my friend M totally held down Part 4 (we rock!). ;)

Jingle Bells

Getting better at video editing every time I create a new video, which has been really fun and interesting to learn! Although I haven't figured out how to tweak audio yet... on my To-Do list...

Next entry will be my 2014 Cello goals... a bit behind as usual, but better late then never.

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