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Monday, January 13, 2014

My new cello! :)

I purchased my Raul Emiliani cello in the beginning of November and am now getting around to blogging about it. Oops!

I selected a pink case, which I LOOOVVEE!!
My two cello cases remind me of the color of watermelons. Yum! ;)


Here's my pur-tee little cello! The different densities of the tailpieces (ebony, boxwood, rosewood and pernambuco) helps the cello with it's sound, resonance, wolf, etc. Here's a great article on tailpieces. I have a Les Bois D'harmonie boxwood tailpiece, which I think looks great on my new cello! ;)

I decided to go with two posture pegs for the C&G on my Emiliani. My Lombardi cello only has a posture peg on the C string, and I really wish I had done both the C & G because the G still touches the back of  my head and gets caught in my hair. I should get that updated sooner then later since I keep complaining about it!

I need to find a study on the body's autonomic response to something touching the back of someone's head or neck. If anyone knows of any studies please let me know because I'd love to post it. 
I swear when something touches the back of my head I automatically tense up! And when I use someone else's cello that has pegs on the C&G string, by the time I'm done borrowing their cello my shoulders are up by my ears! 

Anyway, I digress... back to my new cello! I also got PegHeds (mechanical so they don't slip!) for my D & A string in a heart shape. ...jeez, can my cello be any "girly"-er? case, heart shaped pegs...

Pegs come in different shapes (Hill style, Heart style, Swiss style, French style, Baroque style & Old style), and then they have options for ornaments, carved or inlaid designs and come in different woods. Mine is a boxwood heart shaped peg with a black ornament ball. So far my favorite peg was on my Li cello which was an ebony Swiss style peg because it was really simple and I liked it's smoothness and how it felt in my hand. 

Anyway, I wanted two cellos with different voices that are on the "darker" side, so this works out. I especially like the Emiliani's G string because it sounds so dark and rich.

Raul Emiliani cello (left):                        Pietro Lombardi cello (right):
Length of body: 30 1/8"                            Length of body: 30"
Width of upper bout: 13 1/2"               Width of upper bout: 13.375"
Width of c-bout: 9 1/2"                       Width of c-bout: 9.375"
Width of lower bout: 17 1/2"                  Width of lower bout: 17.375"
String length 27 1/8"                                String length 26.75 

The measurements are fairly similar, but the slopes of the shoulder and the thinner ribs on the Emiliani makes it feel much smaller and more comfortable than the Lombardi.

Overall, my Emiliani cello feels more comfortable to me and plays easier, but Dr. G thought my Lombardi cello outplayed my new cello. I kind of agree, but I think with a new bridge the Emiliani will sound better - not that it sounds bad, just different. I think it is a bit too resonant and needs a bit more focus, which I think a new bridge will help.

hhmmm... I need to come up with two names for my cellos... I'll have to think about that for a bit. 


  1. Hi! If you don't mind me asking how much did you spend on this cello as a whole, what vendor did you buy it from, and did you customize the pegs, tailpiece, or amount of fine tuners, or did it come like that? Really looking to buy a new cello and that one is BEAUTIFUL, especially with the fittings you put on it. And if you wouldn't mine could you email me some close up pictures of the cello all around? My email is, it would really help me out lol. Thanks, Maison.

  2. Hello,
    Great post. My cello's name is George and I think that's a great name!! Haha!
    Would you mind telling me what make your cello case is? I have been looking for ages for a pink cello case like yours but can't find a good make (that's light in weight) anywhere!
    Thanks, Melodie