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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Practice Log #18: Minuet No. 1, Suzuki Book 2

It's been about three months since I've posted my last video, and I'm more or less 2 songs ahead in the book (currently on Judas Maccabeus). Way behind on my posts and much for my New Year's Resolution! *sigh*

On a positive note, I finished my midterms today so I figured I should continue with being on a roll of doing things that I don't want to do like post a video!! Lol! :)

Minuet No. 1 without a drone

Minuet No. 1 with a drone

Things to work on:
  • My bow angle is doing it's thing again; that is, I'm pushing the bow to far out so it's sliding and the tip is pointing upwards too much.
  • Intonation as always! There are a few spots that are obviously off, but not too bad overall... I think... I'm still trying to train my ear to hear when it's in tune or not. I was playing this from memory so I think I may have played a couple of notes incorrectly! 
  • All my other videos are slower and under tempo, so I was trying to play this faster than I normally prefer to play pieces, but sacrificed intonation and bowing in the process. 
  • Since it's Bach it's supposed to be softer, and I think mine is way too harsh sounding. 
  • Didn't do the repeats like I should have, which is also on my goals. Next time when I'm caught up! ;)
  • I was looking down and to the side, which is a bad habit of mine when I'm listening for intonation. A bad habit because I think it pulls my posture down. Maybe I should start looking up and to the side! :)
  • Better end a positive note - my elbows aren't flapping around as much and I'm able to play with more volume now. :)

This was difficult for me to record because I was dreading re-learning this piece of music because I knew it wouldn't be as good when I first started learning it and practicing it consistently. 

I spoke with Adam about this during one my lessons. He was very encouraging and said just think about it like I'm trying to apply the new technique I've learned since then, and that it should be easier to play since I've improved since then. 

Very nice of him to say, except I think it definitely was not nearly as good as it was before. I wonder how musicians play a piece of music and still be really excited about playing it even after they've played it a billion times. Adam mentioned that he still really loves to play The Swan,  but I know a lot of cellists who get sick of that one after awhile. I'm actually looking forward to playing that one! :)

UPDATED 3/11/13:
Well this was timely! :)
An article from the Bulletproof Musician: How Can I Keep Repertoire Sounding New and Fresh?


  1. You're sounding great! Don't be so hard on yourself! You should be uber proud!!

    Something fun to watch with a cello cameo, and lovely cello music in the background.

    1. Thanks Vicki! Now that the initial shock is over I guess it's not as bad as I originally thought. ;)

      And thanks for turning me on to Oren Lavie - BEAUTIFUL!!! :D