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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Practice Log #17: May Time, Suzuki Book 2 (after 101 lessons)

Whew, finally recorded May Time!! I recorded these a couple of days ago but didn't have time to post it. ..ugh...I look as tired as I felt!


Things to work on:
1) Elbow moving around too much - Aha! That's what Adam was talking about!! My elbow is moving all over the place! What's up with that?! I should have recorded this sooner and I would have realized what was going on.
2) Tempo - LOL! I seem to only have one tempo, which is always slower than what is marked! This sounds like my last recording with regards to speed and sound.
3) Intonation - I can sometimes hear when I was off and moved my finger to adjust which is really noticeable in the video. I need to work on my finger placement more and get it right the first time.
4) This supposed to be light and happy, but it sounds heavy and very "dirge-like"! Well, I guess working on this piece was a pretty somber experience...LOL! I guess it definitely shows in the sound! :). I just don't relate to this piece and the string crossings were difficult!
5) I also need to have more legato bowing in this piece and to make sure each note is going somewhere. I tried focusing on making my bow flow more seamlessly and smoother, but I didn't quite get there... it's still a bit sing-songy.


Oops, rough start to this one! :)

I've come across some interesting "issues" working with drones. I'm starting to hear when I'm off better, but it's also making me move my fingers around to find the note which makes my notes squirrelly!

Also, when I'm not using a drone, I think I sound better but only because I don't know whether or not I'm in tune! :). Although I'm starting to recognize when I'm off...It's much more obvious when I'm not in tune with a drone, which makes me wonder how often I was out of tune during my first video! ;).


  1. As always, you are overcritical of yourself..Not a rough start at all! Different from my interpretation because of the tempo but it suits my rainy-day mood at the moment :). And did I mention about your intonation? Lovely, with or without the drone (i am a little jealous, yeah)!
    Now where's that blasted scales sheet? I need to practice more and more!

    1. Thanks for the kind words!! :)
      Lol - yeah, scales seem to sneak in and make things better.