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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lesson #101C (11/10/12): May Time

I had my lesson with Clayton after our ensemble rehearsal and I thought I should go over May Time one more time before I record the video.

May Time:
  • Make sure the notes are going some where - don't just play one note after another and another... each note should be doing something and going somewhere. He explained that this is what makes music fun and interesting. 
  • Clayton also mentioned that sometimes it's easier to work on phrasing and then often times the technique will just happen. 
  • Work on sustaining my notes more - my notes tend to fade out and die instead of being consistent throughout 
  • Make sure my bows are more legato and smooth 
He also commented that I was moving around too much, especially with my string crossings. Which I told him that was something I was aware of (and Adam had also mentioned) and was trying to do less of ...ugh, bad habits... :(

He gave me lots of great information, but I don't think I'm skilled enough to implement his suggestions - one day! Although I think it's great to be aware that these things beforehand because then I know what to expect and look forward to! :)

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