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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cello Practice Log #1: A New Practice Plan

I was a little frustrated with my progression, but I have to admit the first couple months it was my fault because I wasn't practicing... However, during the summer I'm turning it up a notch so hopefully by the end of the summer I can see some real improvements.

I've purchased a couple of books to practice more efficiently and effectively:

1) The Musician's Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Wellness
2) The Advancing Cellist's Handbook

I met with Adam on May 24, 2011, after I told him my plan that I really wanted to get serious about learning how to play the cello over the summer because once fall starts I'll be attending school and working full time again, and won't have much time to practice again. He selected a few more books that I should work on during the summer. I've also implemented the Goals and Practice Sheets from the Advancing Cellist's Handbook. This book is for intermediate/advanced cellists, but the beginning section of the book is applicable to beginner cellists.

I wasn't tracking how much time I was spending or what I was doing before Tuesday, so Sunday through Tuesday don't have practice times.

Weekly Logs:

Annual Goals:

Lifetime Goals:

This is a good starting point, but after reading some other blogs I've noticed that other beginners are starting more difficult etude and technique books...hhmmm...

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