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Monday, May 26, 2014

A cello play-in atop a 14er

I must be a little crazy to be doing this - organizing a cello play-in atop a 14er! ...CrAzY I tell you!!!

There are over 50 mountains in Colorado that are above the elevation of 14,000 feet and they are known as "Fourteeners." We are planning a hike up Mt. Sherman with some cellists. Supposedly, it's one of the "easier" 14ers to hike; that you can't drive to the top of (like Mt. Evans).

Our group was inspired by a YouTube video of another Colorado cellist Gal Faganel performing a concert atop Longs Peak below last year. ...and yes, "that's so Colorado!"

After we posted that video on our Facebook page I received a few requests from Boulder Cello Project members to hold a play-in at a 14er. My initial thought was, "I barely made it up my first (and only) 14er - Grays, and you want me to strap a cello to my back and do it again? No thank you. You're crazy!!"

Anyway, fast forward a few months later, and I'm planning this event with a fellow cellist and rock climbing/hiking enthusiast Abram H. Since I'll be moving from Colorado, I figured I should have one 'last hoorah' organizing and playing with the Boulder Cello Project and this seemed to fit the bill.

To be quite frank, I don't know that I will be able to carry my cello up a 14er. It was extremely difficult for me to hike Grays last July, and I'm in worse shape this year. Literally, when I was approaching Gray's summit last year, doing switchbacks to get to the top, I was taking 5-6 steps and then taking a "breather" for 10 seconds. I guess I should be happy that I didn't get altitude sickness too.
I may have to do this hike and take photos and video only, and not participate at the play-in at the top - but the whole point is to be able to play at the top!!! ..argh.. I'll have to do it even if it kills me, which it may... lol!

Did I mention that we are planning to start the hike at 6am, which means we'll have to start driving to the trailhead around 3am! I know, crazy right? ...although this should be an interesting adventure!

Last year - Gray's summit (14,270') having lunch. Wearing my yellow CU hat! :)

We are planning to hike Mt. Sherman on June 21, 2014, so I'll post some videos and photos after the event. If we get enough cellist to participate we may submit it to the Guinness World Book of Records. We shall see! :)

COLORADO CELLISTS: If you're reading this blog and live in Colorado, we are opening this play-in to non-members. Shoot me an email or leave a comment if you're interested in participating! :) Or if you simply want to hike with the group and listen to cello ensemble music at the summit, please feel free to join us! Although we do need volunteers to help carry extra food, clothing and water so our cellists can carry their cellos! ;)

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