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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Improvisation play-in

I've been really inspired by our group's improvisation play-ins lately. It's really been awesome seeing and hearing the cello played in a way to sound like an electric guitar... or bass.... or "snare-cello" and using different articulations! I love the cello! <3

For our improv playin, we learned how to play from a lead sheet and played and improvised over Bojangles and things seem to be slowly sinking in... slooooowwwly... but it's getting there. We also have a very supportive group of cellists (and singer) so I don't ever feel like my "mistakes" are such a huge deal. No mistakes in improv though right? Just poorly timed notes? ;)

I'm trying to learn chords and my hand just get's SO tired reaching across the strings! I also learned a very cool "trick" to play minor and major chords. To play major chords, I just need to "smash" my first fingers across the C and G string and place my 3rd finger down on the next string over for a major chord, or use my 2nd finger for a minor chord! I knew there was an easier way to learn / remember chords! :) There's always an easier way!

Anyway, I need to start "seriously" practicing my scales again to become more familiar with my fingerboard and to learn more rhythms. SO MUCH TO LEARN!!!

Improv today... holiday rehearsal tomorrow... lots of celloing not enough PRACTICING!

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