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Monday, July 9, 2012

More music!

I'm doing two cello workshops this summer, one in July and the other in August, and I just received the three pieces of music for the one in August. And I have to say this is going to be a piece of cake!! :D
I can sight read most of it since the music has a lot of quarter and half notes, and two out of the three pieces are all in first position with the third piece having a few small shifts. 

The three pieces are: 
  • Brahms Finale from Symphony No. 1 Mvt IV - Cmaj, all first position, 4/4 time
  • Francoeur's Largo - Gmaj, all first position, 3/4 time, some slurs 
  • Adagio by Corelli - Gmaj, mostly first position with shifts to second and half step down, 4/4 time, chords
I was worried that the music would be as (or more) difficult than the pieces I'm currently working on, but they're almost too easy... It's funny, if I hadn't worked on the pieces I'm working on now, I would have thought these pieces were the perfect level for me. Too bad the music selections weren't reversed. 

Although wasn't I saying that I wanted a "walk in the park?"
This is going to be a wonderful lazy stroll through the park. Although I need it - my brain needs a break! :).

On second thought, after looking at the music again - I can work on using different fingerings! Cool!!! This is going to be FUN!! :). 

I take it back - the music IS PERFECT

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