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Monday, January 14, 2013

Lesson 109C: New scale, Elephant's Waltz & Judas Maccabaeus

As part of my 2013 goals I want to play with a community orchestra, which I happened to discover a few weeks ago. There is no audition and players are all levels. Anyway, I received the music but I'm not sure I can play it...oops...

Mozart Oboe Concerto
(2 oboes, 2 horns, and full strings),_K.314/271k_(Mozart,_Wolfgang_Amadeus)

Beethoven Symphony #8
(2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, tympani and full strings),_Op.93_(Beethoven,_Ludwig_van)


  • I don't remember what type of bowing this was for the orchestra piece, but there are a few fast notes in the piece that I'll be playing in the orchestra. 
  • I'm a bit skeptical about playing in the orchestra since I think I'm still over my head, but I figured it would be good practice to work on the pieces.

Position Pieces: The Elephant's Waltz
  • I was having issues finding the notes on this one and I was practicing some incorrect fingerings which made it much harder to count out the rhythm and correct my bad fingerings at the same time. 

New Scale EMaj
  • 4 sharps: F#, C#, G#, D#
  • Arpeggio
    • Start in half position
    • Notes: E, G#, B
  • Wow, I was totally not grounded on this scale and couldn't find any notes! This is going to take some work.

Chorus from "Judas Maccabaeus"
  • Work on phrasing 
    • I was working on counting out rhythms and trying to be precise in my counting so I was stopping my notes fairly quickly and not using dynamics. 
  • Dynamics 
    • I totally missed all of the dynamic markings because I was trying to pay attention to my fingerings and rhythm. I've been trying to count the rhythm in my head instead of feeling it, but unfortunately, when I start to count I can't work on dynamics. I can only work on dynamics when I "feel" the rhythm and don't count. It's weird...hopefully I get better at doing the two at the same time. 
  • Measure #5: 
    • For a "quick fix" regarding the dynamic changes for the two G notes in this measure: use less bow on the first G, and more bow on the second G to increase the volume 

Since one of my goals this year is to improve my sight-reading, I asked Clayton that I no matter what I say (or how much I complain), that he make me count out the rhythms. Hopefully I don't complain too much...

I don't know what it is, but it's kind of embarrassing counting out rhythms!


  1. happy awesome new year! just wanted to tell you that i am still reading your blog and have enjoyed every bit of shared knowledge and experience.

    good luck and have fun with the community orchestra, i wish i had one nearby! oh, and can't wait to see the video of those perfomances :}

    1. Hi Shi,

      It has been awhile - thanks for following! :)

      The concert is on February 24th so I should have it posted shortly thereafter, unless I drop out... :)
      They have one more piece of music that they haven't provided yet, and depending on how difficult it is I may have to drop out. Hopefully it won't be too difficult.