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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lesson #67 (Jazz 05/12/12): Volume & Phrasing

We've also been working a lot on tension, weight and volume, and since Clayton is a TA for the Musicians’ Wellness Initiative he's very much into playing with as little effort and tenseness while maintaining a good sound. I have the very bad habit of pushing down to try to get more volume and being really tense in my shoulders (and in my body in general), which has gotten a lot worse since I've been trying to get more volume, so we've been focusing on this for the last few lessons.

I've also noticed that I've lost some of the ringing tones from my previous videos and my sound sounds much more "stuck." I feel like I'm definitely pushing down on my bow again! :(.

I'm collapsing my elbow and I should remember that my bow should remain on the same path.

In a previous lesson we had discussed some ideas regarding posture and weight to get more volume instead of my bad habit of pushing down. Clayton mentioned the Lynn Harrell's YouTube videos below regarding posture and weight:

Clayton sent me the link to the video to listen to the different tone produced at 4:30(ish).

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  1. Thanks for posting those Lynn Harrell's videos. Very interesting and helpful.