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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Practice Log #11: Allegretto (after 38 lessons)

I'm still having lots of difficulty with this bowing!
Working on this piece I realized that my angle for the G string was incorrect which is one of the reasons I wasn't getting a very good sound. I'm still getting a lot of scratching sounds, although I think I've improved a bit, but no where as consistent as I want to be. I still have lots to work on!

I can do this type of bowing better on the D string (probably because I'm more comfortable bowing on D), but not so much on the G string.

I thought it would be best just to record this where I am but keep working on it on the side, and move on to the next piece. I think I'll be working on this type of bowing for a really long time anyways.

Hopefully I'll have Andantino done in the next couple of days. It seems it takes about a month or so for me to learn a piece, although not as polished as I would like, but I'm too impatient to stay on the same piece for very long!

A quick warmup in the beginning of the video. I've been applying this to my scales so I could practice scales and the different bowing at the same time.

A bad recording with the first video again, which is way out of focus. I recorded this on both of my cellos. The lighter colored cello is the Jonathan Li cello and the second cello is the Pietro Lombardi cello. The Lombardi cello definitely has more overtones, and has a "muddy" sound, but I like its unique sound especially for blues.

This type of bowing is hard! Fun though - getting different types of sounds!

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