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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cello Practice Log #7: Go Tell Aunt Rhody & Come Little Children

For the past few weeks I've just been practicing repertoire, so my practice log doesn't have a lot of technique books listed. I'll update my post tomorrow and post my log.

This is the cello I'll probably be buying. I just put new strings that morning (Saturday). Evah Pirazzi's on top and Spirocore Tungstens on the bottom. I used to have Larsens on top and Spirocore mediums on the bottom, but the D was to quiet and C & G didn't have a very clean chord.

I'm not sure I like the Evahs yet, but they should mellow out quite a bit after they break in. I've heard that they need about 1-2 weeks to break in and the Spirocores 2-3 weeks. If the Evahs don't mellow in a couple of weeks, I'll probably switch them back to Larsens. However, the D string is definitely a lot louder and more balanced and the C & G chord sound a lot better.

Below is the YouTube log for Go Tell Aunt Rhody & O Come Little Children:

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  1. How's the cello going now? I see this post was a couple of years ago! :)